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Some clarifications: BUY THE USED BOAT

The purchase of a used boat inevitably involves problems, which concern both the buyer and the seller. The buyer’s doubts mainly concern the condition of the boat, the presence or otherwise of hidden defects, the fear of having to start spending money, discovering something that doesn’t work every day. Instead, the seller fears that at the time of the technical checks unexpected problems arise which are not easy to manage. And finally the fear of signing a compromise without due guarantees for both parties. In order to solve all these problems with other problems related to the purchase of a used boat there are two professional figures, to whom it is always advisable to contact: the Naval Expert registered with the Register and the Maritime Mediator registered in the Role. The first, appointed and paid by the buyer, will carry out the technical appraisal on the boat, giving way to both parties to know the state of fact. The second will deal, as a guarantee and to protect the rights of the parties, of the purchase and sale procedures in the various stages of the negotiation. Choose the right boat for you from all our proposals

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